09 January 2011

Wild hair...

I have decided to take some of my skills and put them to use.
For now it is opening an Etsy site. It is under construction as of right now but I will be putting content up shortly. 
Specialties including, graphic banners for blogs, websites, templates for stationary, business cards, letterhead, etc. I will be including my prints for sale which can be used for practically anything such as fabric, paper, canvas,  etc. All are one of a kind designs made by yours truly.
Anyway, just thought I would share as I am trying to expand. Eventually I would like to grow onto my own website and sell my service exclusively through that, baby steps I guess. 
Click here!


shanners said...

yessss! this is SO exciting!

first project...i need a banner for my blog! let's talk details!



Wild Luca said...

Thanks!! It's super fun! I have already started posting stuff to my shop.
I can help with banner, logo, anything really...