06 January 2011


I am super jazzed this morning, which is always a good thing. I am learning alot about myself and what I want lately and finally feel like I am ready to take steps to move forward.  My biggest problem is that I set my goals so high, I never get to see the fruits of my labor because I am too distracted with other things. This year I am setting my sights out smaller, and working my way towards what I want.
There will definitely be some more projects coming my way and hopefully by next year this time I will be patting myself on the back to some degree.
I know it is so cliché to have resolutions during this time, however what other time do we all stop and realize that we need to be making goals for ourselves. We all have them. Why not take the time to actually write them down that way they won't be overlooked.
2011 is going to be different, I can feel it.

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