05 September 2010


So I am going to be a pusher right now and say, those of you not using Google reader (esp. with gmail) are missing out. Reason being, I don't really have to scroll sight to sight, or crowd my bookmarks bar because I can put a live stream of my fave sites in Reader and then check daily for new updates. Not to mention you can neatly organize it by category so you don't get confused.
Anyhoo! On to what I really came here about. I subscribe to some packaging design websites that showcase up and coming designers, as well as new techniques and packaging inspiration. I saw this and I thought it was a rad idea. I feel like ALOT of packaging is so boring. It is nice to see all these new ideas.

"Inspired by a small, local, organic farm in rural Maine. The objective was to design a brand and packaging line that reflected the farm's eco-friendly agricultural methods."
Click below for article.
The Dieline

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