08 November 2009

frickin' laser

I am starting to feel overwhelmed about studs. I love them on certain things but, as discussing with some friends they can get out of control. F21's merchandise right now is 50% studs, 45% sequins and 5% studs and sequins. They are the gross exaggeration of all things fashion right now, which is why I mentioned them{F21}.

I do however love the Burberry Studded satchel as posted on The Fashion Blanket.

I really love this bag {pictured above}. It's nice and clean but has subtle design details to make it stand out.

Burberry Prorsum- Laser-cut Suede Tote

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rough around the edges said...

thank you for the call out! woohoo! I totally agree that studs have gone a bit over board esp since now every single store is selling the crap out of studded items. We should just stick to the designer studdness....or maybe keep it clean with no studs at all.